Introduces the methods and techniques that you need to master before your creativity can take flight. Covers all the basics, with step-by-step illustrations, four simple practice projects and a glossary. Knitting and Crochet are two of the most popular needlework crafts and both are easy to learn. One of the great advantages of knitting and crochet is that you can carry your work anywhere you go. Both construct a fabric from interlocking loops of yarn rather than woven threads on a loom. There is a certain satisfaction watching the fabric take shape as you progress - no paper patterns or cutting out - all you have to do at the end is seam the pieces together. Of course there are certain methods and techniques that a knitter needs to master before his or her creativity can really take flight. Knitting & Crochet covers all the basics, with step-by-step illustrations to guide you, sections on equipment, how to read printed patterns, four simple projects and a glossary. Whether you are creating unique clothes and accessories for your family or you are making items for a charity, there is a particular pleasure to be had from making things by hand with the ancient crafts of knitting and crochet.

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Knitting & Crochet

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